Our Family Photo - Top - My Mum, Sharon, Cherry, Dad, Bottom - Michelle, Myself and Pete

My Mum and Dad first met when emigrating from the UK on a ship called the “Orontes”. Soon after that they were married in Sydney and then moved to Australia’s Capital City "Canberra". They lived in the hostel for a short while waiting for their new home.

Dad’s interest was showing and breeding dogs as he used to breed cocker spaniels with his father back in Scotland. I am not sure why he changed breeds but when he came to Australia he went on and bought his first German Shepherd called Lyn from Mrs June Tobin of "Beida Kennels". Dad went on to doing obedience & showing. Then in 1962 my Dad gained his All Breeds Judges license.

I was the first born followed by my two brothers Colin & William. We did all the usual kid things while growing up and in that time not one of us three showed any interest in showing dogs. Through out our childhood we always had a dog, from German Shepherds, Scottish Terrier and eventually one of my Corgis.

It wasn't until i was married that I started showed an interest in showing dogs. Dad mentored me while I was showing but as he was an all breeds judge he wouldn't come to the shows with me. Eventually when he retired from judging he played a more active role with me in showing and breeding dogs. It was amazing how he knew so much about gentics and the standards of dogs!

Dad also was passionate about coaching soccer and with that he coached both my brother’s teams and later on he started coaching senior mens soccer at the Canberra North Soccer Club. Dad also coached one of the first women's soccer team in Canberra called "Northern Lights". This was where I met my husband, Peter!

Peter and I were married in 1983 and had 2 beautiful daughters, Sharon & Michelle. As they were growing up both girls were very active in sport and started playing soccer. Both Sharon and Michelle were naturals at playing soccer and eventually they both made the AIS soccer academy team at different times and played all around Australia. Through their dedication to the sport Sharon had the opportunity to play in the USA and Michelle made the Australian indoor women’s team.

Sharon, Ben & Cohen

Sharon is now living in Queensland with her partner, Ben and our beautiful grandson “Cohen”.

Michelle is getting married to Nasiss in September 2013!

Peter and I are very proud of daughters in what they have achieved with their lives and we welcome both Ben and Nassis into our family!

Nassis & Michelle