My first two beagles Indy & Jackson!

My Story So Far.......

My involvement with showing and breeding dogs began when I was first born. This was due to my Dad, Ian Stirton being an Australian All Breeds Dog Judge. His first love was his German Shepherds and had achieved in breeding the First Gold & Silver Medal winners at the first German Shepherd National in 1967.

While growing up we always had a GSD as a pet. But it wasn’t until 1984 that I started showing and breeding dogs. My first show dog was a Labrador named “Sam” unfortunately his show career ended before it started as he had being diagnosed as having OCD in both of his elbows. My next dog was a German Shepherd call "Max" but his show career also ended before it started as he was viciously mauled at a puppy socialisation class. Both these dogs had promising show careers but it was not to be and with a heavy heart I had no choice but to put them down. My family were heartbroken each time.

You think I would have given up showing by then but when the time was right, my Dad bought me a Welsh Corgi Pembroke for me and his name was  “Jack”. He was beautiful! But he to had a limited show career as he only had one testicle (it pays to check your dog all over)!😥

When I first started out in Corgis my long time friend Shirley Close from Young, NSW introduced me to Jenny & Ian McMahon of "Corrindabella Kennels" in 1997. Jenny is a perfectionist and give her credit as no dog of any breed would go into that show ring with a hair out of place. It's amazing what she can do with a corgi that is out of coat! Through our friendship I was given the opportunity to have one of their corgis puppies and her name was Dayna "Ch. Corrindabella Summa Wine".

Dayna was very pretty and unique, as she was a sable corgi and at the time there were not many being shown. After gaining her title, I mated Dayna to a dog called Jamie  "Ch. Pictorela Scotch N Ice" (his mother "Ch. Pictorel Secret Garden" was bred by Shirley & Ron Close from "Pictorela Kennels in Young & his father "Gr Ch. Coondarby Shane"  was owned by Allan & Gai Lewis from Coondarby Kennels in Cowra) and she produced 7 very nice puppies and out of that litter I was persuaed by my Dad to keep a litter brother & sister. Which I did and they were known as Mo "Ch. Abercarn Scotch N Rye" &  Nicki "Ch. Abercarn Star Wine".

Again they were both sables! It was tough with getting any recognition from Judges as they were use to red & white colours. But eventually they were starting to be recognised by speciality judges due to both of them always being placed at speciality shows and then some all breed judges has also started to notice them. We had a couple of Best In Group & numerous Classes in Group. My involvement with the corgis spanned some 18 years. Unfortunately, when the tail docking ban was introduced to Australia, I decided not to carrying on with the Pemmies, as I couldn’t come to a Corgi having a tail. 😥

Jackson "Ceugant Fildh"

I was at a crossroad on whether to start again with a new breed or bow out gracefully from the dog show scene. So in 2006, some how and out of the blue a beagle was sent to me by express post and his name was “Jackson” (Ceugant Fildh) and he was from “Ceugant Kennels”, Michele & Bert Hurcum in Grafton NSW who bred Corgis and Beagles.

As soon as we saw Jackson we were hooked. He was such a character and the kids loved him! When we got him home the first thing he did was bark and bark and then decided to check out the backyard! He thought he was a big tuff guy when I took him to his first show everybody knew that a beagle had arrived. He could not stand still as he constantly barked and barked!!! While at the show he was on fire and won a 17pt Best of Breed Challenge Certificate! That was my introduction to Beagles and boy I soon found out what I was in for! 😀

Indy "Ch. Ceugant Danu"

But Jackson suffered from separation anxiety! The real problem was that he didn’t want to be left alone and this is where I’d experienced why beagles cannot be left alone. Michele offered to send me another beagle by express post and her name was “Indy” (Ch. Ceugant Danu)! Once she arrived Jackson’s separation anxiety was no more as he was very happy that he now had a friend to play with. Indy was to become my foundation bitch!

With the help and continued support from Jenny McMahon, I bred my first beagle litter from Indy to “Ch. Braylodge St Nicholas”. This litter produce 3 puppies. I kept a tri girl and her name is “Georgia” (Ch.Abercarn Magic Midnite). Georgia is shown by Jenny and It didn’t take long for her to obtain Georgia’s Australian Championship title.

Here is Jenny with Georgia!

Georgia (Ch. Abercarn Magic Midnite) is pictured here with Jenny McMahon! 





My two little monsters - Misty & Storm

My next litter was from Indy and “Gr Ch. Merlynvale Maestro Boy” owned by Carmel Carew from "Merlynvale Kennels" in Melbourne. This litter produced 6 puppies and I decided to keep a litter brother & sister. The male dog “Storm” and was named “Abercarn All Fired Up” and his sister “Misty” was named “Abercarn All Dolled Up”. I was really impressed with this litter due to the beautiful quality and type of a beagle that I was looking for.

Misty winning Runner-Up-In-Group & Intermediate In Show at Gunning Show 2012. Judge by Mrs E. Gunter (NSW)

Again with the help from Jenny, these pups have started to come into their own! They have also started to make an impression in the dog show arena with both them wining a Best In Group and numerous classes in group.  Although, Misty is one up on her brother as she has won a Runner Up In Group and Intermediate In Show!    

Both Georgia and Misty are proudly shown by Jenny!            



Here is Storm going Junior in Group at the October weekend in 2012! The day before he went Junior In Show at the Hound of the ACT!  

Pictured here is Storm which was taken recently by a friend of ours Priscilla Hickey! As you can see I think he just stunning!


Pictured here is Misty taken recently. As you can see Misty is such a pretty girl!  









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