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Here is Georgia trying to find a nice little hole to have her babies!

 It is very important that you read this before thinking about getting a beagle!

1. Beagles can live to 15 years or more. Bringing a beagle puppy into your home means a long life commitment. You need to make sure that any long term plans you might have will not affect your beagle, e.g. moving overseas, moving house etc.

2. You also need to have fences that a beagle cannot go over, through or under? The fences need to be JUMP proof, DIG proof and CHEW proof and you’re your back yard is fully enclosed and are at least 5 feet high. A good sturdy fence is a essential if you want to own a beagle. Beagles are scent hounds and any scent that they will pick up their nose will often take them places outside that fence. A beagle’s will is strong, and once they have a scent they are off - don't under estimate them. When a beagle wants out, they will go to extreme lengths to make it happen.

3. Are you prepared for the puppy stage? Puppies like to rummage around in gardens, chew whatever they can find, dig holes etc. Puppies are like little toddlers and require patience, tolerance, understanding and supervision.  If you do not want to go through the puppyhood phase you might want to consider an older beagle. Older beagles can give you just as much fun without the puppy stage. 

If you would like to adopt an older beagle please contact NSW Beagle Club you will find some beautiful dogs that unfortunately have been handed in due to people not being able to cope with a beagle, or the best excuse is “going overseas”. 

You will also find that some breeders have some older show dogs (desexed) that they would like to place into forever homes.  They can range from a 8 month old to a 2 year old or even older. There is nothing wrong with these dogs it's just that they haven't come on like they should for showing. 

4. Are you prepared for your beagle to become part of your family? Will they fit into your lifestyle? Whether your beagle lives outside or inside they need regular interaction with their owners. Constant exposure to other people and dogs is also a must. They love company! Beagles are a pack animal and they thrive on company. One of the many great characteristics of beagles is they will fit into your lifestyle very well. Sharing in your life, enjoying the beach, playing ball, a drive in the car and go for walks are just some of the things your beagle will love to do along side you.

5. Are you or another family member home at least part of the day or do you have another dog for company? Beagles need the company of their human pack or another canine friend. Left for lengthy periods of time on a regular basis will make for a very unhappy, lonely and a very bored beagle that will soon get up to mischief to relieve that boredom. Boredom leads to behaviour issues that you don't want: i.e. barking, taking clothes off the line, trying to escape, digging in the garden, or worse still singing quite nicely to your neighbours! A beagle left alone most of the time will not thrive and you will have a very unhappy beagle.  

Please note that this also applies to all breed of dogs, they are pack animals and they need company! How would you be if you were left alone every day?

6. You also need to consider not only the initial outlay of the cost of the puppy but other costs including the desexing (this is a must), yearly vaccinations, regular worming, heart worm prevention and registration with your local council. You need to also consider the cost when you go on holidays as you may have to have your beagle/s in a kennel if you can’t take them with you. Also please consider that unfortunately, there could be times when you will need other veterinary services for your beagle.

 The fees for seeing a vet afterhours can be quite a shock. All this can add up to a substantial cost and can be draining on a family budget. I can tell you that the after hours cost for a emergency caesarean for one of my beagles was over $2,500!

7. You will also need to remember that your beagle will need good healthy food. I do not recommend pets mince as it is full of perservatives. I have been feeding mine on "4 Legs" rolls and meat balls (chicken or beef). I also feed my dogs on  "BlackHawk" premium dry food.  I also give them biscuits along with raw bones and of course some treats e.g. pigs ears.

8. I highly recommend that your beagle attends PuppyPre-School and then complete a basic obedience course. Not only will you get lots of help and ideas but you and your beagle will enjoy the interaction with other dogs and people. Beagle's can be really head strong and defiant so you will really need patience with a view to being as strong minded as they are using a firm but loving manner. These gorgeous animals are little people and are very intelligent and will soon pick up what you are meaning. Beagles thrive on routine.PuppyPre-school isn't about just training your beagle, but training you as well. Showing you how to set boundaries and create good acceptable habits. Food works wonders!

I am not trying to talk you out of buying one of my puppies or an older beagle but I want you and your family to be fully prepared for when deciding that a beagle puppy is for you!

At least by reading the above you and your family can discuss the commitment about owning a beagle and what it takes to make sure that he or she is safe from harm and is going to be around company and not bored which then leads to trouble.

I look for “forever homes” for my beagles and if you feel that you can commit to owning a beagle then by all means please contact me.

After reading this you might have some other questions you would like to ask me, please just send me an email and I will answer them for you!🙂

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