The Beagle is widely believed to have descended from French hounds that accompanied Norman conquerors on their invasion of Britain, although, other records suggest Beagles originated in Greece. Romans used small hounds for hunting and they may have acquired these from the Greeks. While his origins are a little obscure, the Beagle is known to have lived in Britain since at least the sixteenth century.

Recognised as one of the oldest scent hounds, the Beagle is a merry breed which loves people and other dogs. A busy and energetic hounds, Beagles can be a little stubborn, particulary when something has captured their attention, so early, firm training is highly recommended. Playful and full of mischief, Beagles are among the most popular hounds in Australia!

The Standard

A sturdy and compactly built hound, the Beagle is a bold dog that possesses great stamina and determination. A neat and clean cut looking dog, the Beagle has a slightly dome, moderately wide skull with a slight peak.

His broad nose, preferably black, has wide nostrils. The Beagle's mild appealing expression is enhanced by his dark brown or hazel, set well apart. His slightly arched neck is sufficiently long to enable him to go down easily to scent                            


The Beagle is an affectionate and alert dog that just loves being around family life. A popular companion dog, he is neither aggressive nor timid.  But remember they are a pack animal and they thrive on companionship. So having another 4 legged friend would keep him out of mischief!

He is even tempered, thrives on attention and carries positive qualities from his hunting heritage, including ease of feeding, good manners in a willingness to conform to family rules.  


Care & Grooming

Beagles should be exercised on a leash or in a securely fenced area. Once on a scent they can become "deaf and blind" to calls and traffic.

So please do not let your beagle off the lead otherwise you may end up being taken for miles trying to catch him!

Their short, dense coat is weatherproof and needs little care apart from regular grooming and an occasional bath. 

Please don't forget that their nails need to kept short and the hair between their feet should also be trimmed!😀